First Kingsport Credit Union Partners with TC-MAC

The FIRST KINGSPORT CREDIT UNION has kicked off a brand new loan division and is excited about helping our military folks!

We have undertaken the mission of helping those who have been overlooked by other banks and financial institutions due to dings in credit, or other life events that may have caused damage in the past.  We have been developing ways to assist people who can’t qualify for loans to get back to the point where they can.  It may surprise you that many people can qualify for good loans but are taken advantage of by predatory lenders.  First Kingsport Credit Union has been in business in Kingsport, Tennessee since 1932 and we are committed to helping our community and the good folks who live in it, so rest assured that this little credit union is here for the right reasons!

Let us take a look at your situation and offer you some solid advice and the best way to get back to where you need to be.  We have programs suited for different situations and you may be on your way to home ownership quickly!  Either way, we won’t waste your time or cause you any delays.  We will give you an answer within the day and we will be there to assist you from that point on!

Give us a call at 423-229-9463 today, or apply online at


First Kingsport Credit Union is stubborn when it comes to its military members!  As a matter of fact, First Kingsport “The CAN-DO CU” is on a mission to assist as many Veterans in 2014 as possible.  As a small credit union, we are willing to take the time to help when conventional banks and larger credit unions are not.  Our goal is simple; to “save you some HAY”!

We’re pretty darn sure we can save you some serious “HAY” if you have loans on any of the following…..

  • Used car or truck,
  • Mortgage or HELOC,
  • Motorcycle or ATV,
  • Boat or jet-ski,
  • Pretty much any toy that you just had to have but feel the pinch of the monthly payment!

Watch out for slick car dealerships and too-good-to-be-true loans….. Let us tell you how they work before you sign.

Call us before buying a car (new or used) – even if you are in the dealership!  It just takes a few minutes for us to tell you what we CAN-DO!  Below are some things to be aware of when being pressured into loans on the spot.

  • Many car loans are made under pressure at car dealerships and often have hidden fees embedded that are disguised by “0% APR”.  Often, dealers use the tactic of “0% APR” in conjunction with not giving a rebate that you should be entitled to.  Before you sign on the dotted line, please allow us to tell you what your payments could be when you get your deserved rebate 🙂
  • It pays to plan ahead!  Call us at (423)343-9764 to find out what we can do BEFORE you go to the lot!  Our team of auto loan pros will prepare you to make the best deal possible so that you don’t agree to something you shouldn’t!
  • Know the car’s value!  We see many folks who have left car lots in terrible shape and with cars that are “upside down”.  If you give us a call before you buy, we’ll tell you what the car (or truck) is worth according to N.A.D.A.
  • Buying a car or truck is very exciting and sometimes an “impulse” purchase.  We understand that and just want to make sure you stay happy after you buy it!